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Supporting our voting rights information


Promote and Protect Voting Rights (flyer)

Seeking volunteer drivers for early voting (flyer)

Voting Carpool Driver's Application

Voting Carpool Rider Request Application


Next Generation Urban Children's Choir
The site of our Children's Youth Choir.

Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
The denomination to which Chatham Fields belongs to.


Concordia University Chicago
Local university which is part of our denomination.


Do-Gooder Consulting
"Helping you help others". A consulting firm aimed at churches, non=rpofits, and small businesses, dedicated to helping them maximize resources but minimizing the cost. Do-Gooder Consulting helped establish this web site.


The SIxth Ward Blog
A non-partisan blog covering the issues of our neighborhood.

We are a part of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.

We have been a part of the Chatham Community on the South Side of Chicago for over 75 years.

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